Loan Review

Cobblestone Management provides an independent evaluation of your commercial loan portfolio’s risk profile and credit quality.  We provide managers, executives, Audit Committee members and relevant external parties with a clear, concise assessment of the commercial lending process, compliance to loan policy and constructive suggestions for improvement. Our loan review report provides an additional credibility with regulators and allows senior management and the Board to successfully strategize growth while mitigating future loan losses. Cobblestone Management’s strengths are embedded in our loan review service and bring substantial benefits to our customers, as outlined below:

Collaborative Approach

Throughout the loan review process, our team works in steady open communication with lending staff and management. Our approach helps lending institutions to continuously evolve credit culture and risk management practices. This enables our customers to operate on a ‘best practices’ level of expertise.

Complete Transparency

We provide a written summary of each loan relationship reviewed as part of the final report. As a result, all of our conclusions, suggestions and risk rating opinions are clearly outlined.

Deeply Seasoned Staff

Our consultants and team leaders are experienced both as former bankers and loan reviewers. We’ve sat on your side of the desk, which is a crucial component of loan review perspective.

Peer Analysis

Our loan review report includes a depth of peer bank analysis, which helps you to better understand how your institution measures up against competitors in your marketplace. Our rich analytics not only compare our customers to national trends but also to the information within CM’s own database of customers. This results in additional and important regional knowledge.

Solutions-Based Services 

Every lending institution faces unique challenges within their lending operation. Our services go beyond loan reviews. Using a consultative methodology, we assess your unique needs and provide guidance via additional services, training, and bespoke consulting to meet your unique challenges.