Additional Services

An important decision facing many banks today is which workflows to maintain in-house and which to outsource to highly qualified vendors that can provide you with the expertise you need. With our staff of experienced consultants that possess a broad range of skills, we offer the following risk management-related services:

Appraisal Reviews – With this service, we offer consistent quality, guaranteed fast turnaround and competitive pricing on both residential and commercial appraisals. Let our formally trained appraisal reviewers perform in-depth reviews on your behalf so you can focus on other aspects of your credit workflow.  Best of all, you can pass the cost of review onto your commercial borrowers at closing.

Business Asset Valuation & Liquidation – This is an important component of loan loss mitigation but requires a specific expertise, which we possess. It’s also the first and most crucial step in creating a strategy towards a path to repayment. With our depth of experience in this area, we can help reduce your risk of loss.

Community Reinvestment Act Compliance Consulting – To achieve satisfactory results in your CRA exams, you need to have the right platform and reporting infrastructure in place. We can help you build that platform to ensure ongoing success in this crucial component of regulatory compliance. In the current environment of mergers & acquisitions, your bank needs to stay ahead of the curve on CRA compliance. We can facilitate proactive reporting and self-assessment to ensure you’re on target.

Loan Policy Review & Enhancement – Because your loan policy is in a constant state of evolution, you need independent review and feedback to align with best practices and industry standards. Put our expertise to work for you to make sure you have the most effective policy in place. This service ranges from independent review of current or revised policies to the crafting of deeper enhancements that meet industry best practices and the most up-to-date regulatory expectations.

Loan Workout Consulting –  As problem loan levels begin to rise, we can provide oversight of the workout process with expert independent risk assessment and the implementation of the most prudent loss mitigation strategies. If your Watch List expands, enlist us to help you reduce your criticized asset levels and potential losses.

Other Consulting/Advisory Services – In an on-going business strategy to address client issues, we continue to be proactive with addressing industry issues that inpact our client base.