Success Stories

Problem Definiton

Prior to engaging the services of Cobblestone Management, this community bank was experiencing very strong growth levels in its commercial real estate portfolio and was approaching a 300% level of CRE in relation to capital, yet the bank hadn’t increased any of its CRE portfolio oversight. Following a regulatory Safety & Soundness exam, the bank was put under order to satisfy the regulatory requirements pertaining to institutions with identified CRE concentrations. … Read More



The deadline for CECL transition is approaching fast. While you might think it is not until early 2020 that you need to be ready by, our experience tells, you need to start soon as the data requirements and clean up to support the three CECL models are daunting and time consuming.

If you are NOT thinking about it already, you are behind. There are three separate CECL models – Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), Vintage, PD-LGD with different data requirements.  Learn about the data requirements for these CECL models by clicking on the link below.


Your bank needs to grow its balance sheet in a safe and sound manner. Managing commercial real estate concentrations effectively, and to the satisfaction of regulators, has become the primary credit risk challenge facing community banks. Listen to Cobblestone Management CEO Kevin Henkin provide his analysis and insights on best practices in managing CRE concentrations.

Economic Summit

The 2016 Annual Economic Summit was a huge success thanks in part to the participation of many community financial institutions from across the New England states. If you missed the opportunity to attend in person and hear the expert panel, feel free to download the entire presentation below. Please email to schedule a review of the material.